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The jail was constructed in using a design by A. Cross, a notable early architect in Kansas City, Missouri.

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It consisted of a home for the county marshal , with twelve limestone jail cells located at the rear of the residence. A brick structure was added on to the rear of the original jail in , to house chain gangs who worked on roads, sewers and other public projects.

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The marshal lived with his family in the Marshal's residence, which was the front half of the structure. The marshal's wife often cooked meals for the prisoners, as well as her own family, in a small kitchen at the back of the house.

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The jail consisted of six upstairs and six downstairs cells, with two-foot thick walls of limestone blocks. A single kerosene lamp in the hallway provided the only light at night.

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Two doors, one of grated iron and one of solid iron, were provided for each cell, as was a window covered with grated iron that permitted wind from the outside to enter. Some of the crimes for which a person could be imprisoned in the jail prior to the Civil War included: horse racing on public streets, firing guns in town, operating a gaming house, assault and battery, disturbing the peace, disturbing a religious meeting, or building a privy "not over a pit".


During the American Civil War , the jail held both military and civilian prisoners, and served as the U. Provost Marshal 's office. The roster includes the name, age and photo of each inmate, as well as their charges.

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The website also lists the offenders registered in Jackson County. Searches for offenders can be narrowed by city and even by street address.

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Residents can also sign up to receive alerts when an offender is non-compliant or moves into the area, Morse said. Another link allows people to conduct video visitations with an inmate in the jail. Members of the public can sign up for the Jackson County Community Watch Program through a tab on the website, receiving alerts regarding criminal activity and severe weather, Morse said.


I tell people to call and call early. Since June the city has used a patchwork system to house prisoners.

More than 200 officers raid Jackson County jail

Some have gone to two county jails in Missouri and about a hundred have been housed at the Heartland Center for Behavioral Change. In June the city had to vacate the beds it had at the downtown county jail after the two sides couldn't agree on how much Kansas City would pay per inmate.

What the city will pay and how many beds will be available are still up in the air.