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From: Felicity Phelan e-mail: felicity. From: Angus Trumble e-mail: angus. William Porter Finlay's uncle his mother's brother was The Hon. William Porter, attorney-general at the Cape from to William Porter Finlay led an extraordinarily interesting life, and eventually ended up as a sergeant-major in the U. Army fighting the Mormons in Utah. He eventually published a short series of cheerful despatches in the Saint Louis Leader in December , in one of which he recalled that on Christmas Eve, "I was on the banks of the Kel [River], far in the interior of southern Africa, in the British army, engaged in the Caffre war.

Talbot was the main vehicle supplier to the RNAS. I am looking for information on the activities of this squadron. Is this written about anywhere? Are there any photos I have a photo of them leaving Kensington? Any help will be much appreciated. From: Janet Szabo e-mail: szaboj sabc. Please e-mail me at: bedstone hotmail.

Wheatley, J. I'd be interested in speaking to people with a similar interest as well as descendents of the early gunmakers J. Hayton and others who may have some family history and knowledge on the origin and development of the Cape Gun, which was centred around Grahamstown in the mid s. I can be reached on or mark awsolutions. The nominal role for the camp of January has the South Africans below present. I am trying to find personal notes, diaries, letters and photographs from the march.

I am also interested in learning where they were captured. Finally any photographs of them, which will help me identify people in the photographs I already have of the POWs. Died in freak accident, at Rundu, drowned. Stepson of Mr. Killed in action, in Sector 10, landmine. Son of Mr. Special Memorial. Killed in action, Ops Askari, claymore mine detonated. Hanekom Hanekom, BP. Civilian, Died 16 Mar Rand Rebellion Hanekom, Johannes Petrus. Rand Rebellion. Pieter Albertus. Burgerlike, Civilian Died 16 Mar He also mentioned a fourth brother while all the other sources I could find only mention three.

I would like to try and find out everything I can about the men mentioned above. From: ianmackersey e-mail: imp ihug. Ian would welcome hearing from anyone who knows the whereabouts of any private diaries and papers that these men may have left. It should be recorded as part of our heritage.

He became the Lt. He was in command of the army in the frontier region from to In early he resigned his post and died on St. Helena on 6 March on his way home to England. He was a Delville Wood survivor, joining in till his discharge due to illness in My request may seem a little unusual, but it is important that I have the correct context for the events of this man's life.

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The hospital was the "Con. I have learnt that Australian and British soldiers used to be sent home if they contracted a Venereal Disease, primarily to shame them and set an example to other soldiers. But it appears it may have been a different situation for South African soldiers serving abroad, given this man's records which indicates he did get treatment and was then dispatched to fight in Europe. I am also interested in the impact of the Flu Pandemic on South African troops during the war as this man also succumbed to Flu a few times, and it ultimately brought about his discharge due to ill health.

The man I am researching did in fact contract Influenza while serving abroad in and was hospitalised for it in Etaples. I am looking for my grand father Keith Alexander American. He apparently resided in Los Angeles - we estimate that he is between the ages of 85 and 90years. I am hoping to get in touch with any of his family should he be deceased. He married my grand mother who is an Oldrieve.

I do not know her name If anyone has any information about the RAF pilots in Pietersburg - or how I can get further info regarding my grand father - please email me on howard hambatravel. The book will cover the history of women's service and include their own stories.

If you know of any who served, please pass on my request. I'm ex-SAAF myself s. Thank you From: Brian Austin e-mail: abkaustin aol. This affiliation lasted until South Africa declared itself a republic in I am looking for the descendants of Brig. If anyone has any information please e-mail me.

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From: Hein Geldenhuys e-mail: manyoka lantic. I am also an avid racing pigeon enthusiast. So obviously, if the two interests meet, I am all ears! Van den Bergh The Secret Service during the Anglo-Boer War Despite watchfulness in Johannesburg and Pretoria which led to discoveries of caches of arms and explosives and carrier pigeons for communication with the advancing British forces, all efforts in this field were foredoomed to failure. In particular I would like to ascertain exactly how he met his death.

If you can help with any further details in regard to Lieutenant Morrison please contact me. The Boma has been demolished and the location of the contents are at present unknown.


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A history can be seen on the web-site at mjackson. My thesis is looking at the differences in experiences between the South African troops in France to the South African troops in East Africa from to As part of my thesis I need to look at firsthand accounts of South African soldiers.

I would be grateful if anyone that has firsthand papers like diaries or letters to allow me access to them. This would be a great help in the writing of my thesis. From: Allan Sadler e-mail: morrisc global. I am visiting South Africa at present and would very much like to contact old friends with whom I served in I am staying with friends in Honeydew, Johannesburg and can be contacted on the following telephone numbers up to the end of October or or on this email address.

I am visiting the Cape from the 31st October until the 28th November and would very much like to renew friendships. According to my records he was awarded one of two Kimberley Star medals in gold; the mayor of Kimberley was awarded the other. From: morne. Does anybody know about this?

I have memoribilia. We beat Wales 17 - Any info welcome! Morne Strydom From: Clara Thomson e-mail: cethomson hotmail. I am researching my family tree and am proud to find out that she travelled from Lancashire in England to be a nurse in South Africa.

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From: Phillip Scheepers e-mail: phillip. It is my understanding that this form of tombstone placement is used by the CWGC when soldiers died together in a single incident and where it was not possible to identify individual bodies. The soldiers in question all died on 14 October Losing ten soldiers in a single incident would probably have sent shock waves through the South African contingent in the Western Desert and I am sure that an account of how they were killed must be available somewhere, I just haven't been able to lay my hands on one as yet.

The information is needed for an upcoming book and any help will be gratefully received and properly acknowledged.

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Phillip Scheepers From: David Goshen e-mail: ddgoshen zahav. She had a son by the name of Julius. Unfortunately I do not have the family name. Contact was also maintained with Julius after he returned to USA but all that generation has passed away.

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I was a small boy at the time and do not recall exactly what year it may have been. He joined the Royal Merchant Navy and sailed off to Britain in From: Leona Geeves e-mail: gleona optusnet. In one of the letters home he writes "A charming South African officer from Johannesburg took me under his wing and entertained me lavishly.

He provided me with a truck and driver, took me to the exclusive Sporting Club where we sat beneath the palms and drank American tinned beer. He and his troop were just fresh from victories in Abyssinia: finally I went out to his camp and gave a talk to his lads.

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  7. Altogether I had a marvelous time combining pleasure with work. From: Warren Loader e-mail: sewalorest absamail. The Officers Mess and the two stable blocks and the hospital quarters are now the boys dining hall. Artifacts are virtually found on a daily basis and are housed in the schools unique museum. The school boys have collected literally hundreds of horse shoes over the years and we think that it would be a good idea to weld them together into an obelisk and dedicate it to all the horses that met their fate here.

    This whole idea came about when I read some literature written by the Commanding Officer and chief veterinary officer, James Carless. He estimated that it was possible that up to 30 horses were buried at Weston Commonage between He states that horses offloaded at Durban were shipped to Mooi River where they were destroyed due to glanders and mange.

    After the war, captured horses were delivered to Mooi River and thousands were destroyed due to their pathetic condition. In the 's 8 lorry loads of bones were exhumed and taken away to make bone meal. There are still vast mounds near the river where horses are buried.