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Home Vancouver News High-risk sex offender who poses threat to children to reside in Vancouver. Vancouver News. Share on Facebook. Photo: Vancouver Police Vancouver Police are warning the public about a high-risk sex offender who has been re-released from jail and plans to reside in Vancouver. Smith will be bound by the following court orders: — Keep the peace and be of good behaviour; — Report to a probation officer; — Reside at a place approved by a probation officer; — Remain in British Columbia; — Advise a probation officer of relationships and friendships with females; — Not to consume or possess any controlled substances; — No contact, directly or indirectly, with anyone under 16 years old; — Not to attend any public park, school ground, recreational centre, skating rink or public swimming pool, public swimming area, community centre, playground, or any other place where a person under 16 years old is reasonable or expected to be present; — Not to use or possess a computer or access the internet, except with prior permission of a probation officer; — Not to possess or access any data encryption, electronic storage device, or computer software without written permission of a probation officer.

The oldest known film of Vancouver May 16, Secret island 50 miles from Vancouver where locals live off the He pleaded not guilty at the time and was expected to go to trial on Tuesday, Aug. However, the charge of breaching his probation was stayed at provincial court in Nanaimo a week earlier on Wednesday, Aug. El Bakkar was given a day intermittent sentence and three years probation after pleading guilty to having sex with a teenager under It was the lightest possible sentence for the offense.


Talal El Bakkar, owner of Aladdin's Cafe, who was given a three months sentence to be served on weekends after pleading guilty to sexual interference of a person under He was under a nine month curfew as part of a sentence which shocked the Nanaimo community. Some community agencies offer parenting classes in other languages. Parenting classes can help parents to solve the special problems of raising children in a new country. Many community agencies give information and advice.

Here is just a partial list of serial child sex offenders set free by the Canadian justice system

People can call these agencies when they have a problem and they don't know where to go for help. Workers at the agencies can help them find the right place to go.

There are also parenting programs in English and other languages on TV and radio. For more information about parenting classes contact your nearest community centre or visit www.

The Helpline for Children is , free from anywhere in BC. A child or youth can call the Helpline for Children if they are being abused or mistreated at home, at school, in the playground, or anywhere else. If you know a family where a child or youth is being hurt, or if you are afraid you may hurt a child , call the Helpline.

Victims of Crime Act

Your call is confidential. The Youth Against Violence phone line is a province-wide service that provides confidential help to young people who are affected by youth violence or crime. Youth who are worried about their safety, or who want to anonymously report a crime can call the Youth Against Violence phone Line. Some schools have a police officer who works with the school. The officer comes to the school to teach students about safety and the law. The officer may work with students on school sports teams and in school clubs.

Sometimes students get into trouble at school. Maybe one of the students steals something. Then the police officer tries to solve the problem.

Registered sex offender arrested after allegedly groping boy, 11, at ComFest

They also help students choose school subjects and give advice about what to do when they finish school. Many elementary schools and high schools have home-school workers. Sometimes parents want to find out about their child 's school or what their child does there.

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Parents can talk to a home-school worker. If you are worried about your children, talk to one of these people. Some school districts in BC have multicultural workers, or settlement workers who visit a school. These workers can help immigrant students feel more comfortable in their new life in Canada.

If necessary, they also help students deal with discrimination at school. In family law, the natural or adoptive father or mother of a child; may also include stepparents, depending on the circumstances and the applicable legislation; may include the donors of eggs or sperm and surrogate mothers, depending on the circumstances and the terms of any assisted reproduction agreement.

See "adoptive parent," "assisted reproduction," "natural parent" and "stepparent. A person appointed by the federal or provincial government to manage and decide court proceedings in an impartial manner, independent of influence by the parties, the government, or agents of the government. The decisions of a judge are binding upon the parties to the proceeding, subject to appeal.

British Columbia Sex Offender Information Registration Regulations

A person licensed to practice law in a particular jurisdiction by that jurisdiction's law society. See "barrister and solicitor. A person who is younger than the legal age of majority, 19 in British Columbia. See "age of majority. Learning about the Law Wikibook. Copyright www.