Divorce law with children in idaho

Joint physical custody in Idaho means that both parents are physically responsible for the daily care and wellbeing of the child.

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If agreed upon by all parties involved, parents can formulate their own parenting time arrangement to best suit the needs of their family. If not, the court will determine the parenting time arrangement for the parents. In Idaho, it is possible for changes to be made to agreements for both child custody and child support, but only under certain circumstances.

One reason that may call for a child custody change is if a parent is moving somewhere that would significantly disrupt the child's current schedule.

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While this is true, it does not apply to situations in which a parent, who is a member of the Idaho National Guard, has been called to active duty. Another reason that would justify a child custody change in Idaho is when there has been a significant change to the lifestyle of a parent that is affecting the child. This could mean that there is a big change in parent's work schedule or a change in the child's level of safety in a parent's home.

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On the other hand, a child support order can be modified in certain instances such as if there is a large change in a parent's level of income, or if there is a change in a parent's ability to work. In any case in which some aspect of the agreement must be changed, it can only be done by a court order.

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To grant the proposed change, the court must agree that it fits the child's best interests. If you are a resident of the state of Idaho and are considering divorce or legal separation, please consult an attorney for legal guidance and more information. This information is not meant to serve as legal advice.

Idaho divorce

For family law attorneys and other professionals in your area, check out our Idaho state resources page. No matter what the case may be, the OurFamilyWizard website is dedicated to helping co-parents manage their child custody arrangements, as well as provide a communication platform for the entire family. Select your Language. Search Search. Learn More For Families. For Practitioners.

Knowledge Center. Willful desertion or neglect. Addiction to alcohol. Permanent insanity. Conviction of a felony. The duration of the marriage. Any prenuptial agreements. The age, health, occupation and earning capacity, and liabilities of each spouse.

How to File a Divorce in Idaho

The needs of each spouse. Whether alimony has been awarded. The retirement benefits of each spouse.

The fault of either party. The financial resources of the spouse seeking maintenance.

What is joint custody? What is sole custody?

The time required to acquire sufficient education, find employment. The age, physical and emotional condition, and earning ability of the spouse seeking maintenance. The wishes of the child. The wishes of each parent. The relationship of the child with each parent and his or her siblings. The child's adjustment to home, school, and community. The need to promote continuity in the child's life.

Idaho Child Custody Laws

The relative parental fitness of each parent. The evidence of domestic violence. Both parents share legal responsibility for supporting their child.

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In any proceeding where child support is under consideration, child support shall be given priority over the needs of the parents or creditors in allocating family resources. Only after careful scrutiny should the court delay implementation of the Guidelines amount because of debt assumption.