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Copies of the death records may be obtained at both the state or national level and the local or county level. At the state level, the procedure for making the request would be through mail, though it is possible to make the request in person as well. Ultimately, it would be the decision of the person who wants the copies of the record, though do note that either method would have their own set of advantages and disadvantages usually revolving around the expected time that the request would be completed and the things that the person interested in the record would have to do in order to make the request.

Copies of the records would typically cost around five dollars, assuming that no other years would be searched in which case; every year would be an additional two dollars.

Free Public Death Records may be obtained online, though most online databases would still charge some sort of fee for the use of their services. Online databases are faster and more efficient when it comes to searching for copies of records, but because they are mostly privately owned, they could not be used as official sources when conducting official inquiries. Toggle navigation.

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First Name:. Last Name:. County: County You could request the Florida death certifi Can someone do an obituary look up for me? Needed for Edwin J. Most of the ind Josephine H. She was born Feb 23, and died in Hollywood, Broward Co.

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FL on March 14, Thank you in advance! Death in Ft. His wife, Belle Fisher died in Broward Cty. Any info. As would any suggestions on where to search. Am sending For that search ser Phone She was the 10th child born to NJ adult adoptee searching for siblings believed to live in Florida possibly Broward Cty. Dear Anita There are "adoption search" experts available quite different from genealogy researchers.

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I have not absorbed your entire story, but the property line of enquiry would be qu Obituary of Lola H. I am looking for the obituary of Lola H. She is suppose to have died in Ft. Lauderdale, Broward , Florida.

Death certificates are required by law for multiple purposes.

She was born Lola H. Jackson in ca. She married Charles P. Liston 16 June Would appreciate any help.

Thank You. Thank you Derek.

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Amerson, who died in Broward County on Aug. This person owned property in Northern Lower Michigan, and I am inv You may already have obtained copy of Form SS-5 fro Nettie P. Nelson, who lived at Broward Ave.

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She was born in Ocala and I am seeking an obituary for Gus Underwood who died in Ft. Lauderdale, Broward County September 22, I am also interested in a listing for Lauderdale Memorial Park Cemetery.

I am looking for relatives o Family could also have lived in Winter Garden, FL.