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Maintains accurate records of incoming and outgoing calls by entering information into computer. Individuals in this position must maintain a calm, professional…. Senior Property Adjuster. Maintains accurate, thorough field notes, journal entries, and time and expense records as required.

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Since the amendment took effect on Jan. Police in the state capital of Tallahassee, for example, provided sparse details about the victim of an apparent traffic crash in which a body was found in the middle of a neighborhood roundabout. Tampa authorities declined to provide information about two people found shot dead in a car near the Busch Gardens theme park.

In both instances, police cited a provision in the amendment to protect the victim's right "to prevent the disclosure of information or records that could be used to locate or harass the victim or the victim's family or which could disclose confidential or privileged information of the victim. The Tampa Bay Times reported that open government advocates say this interpretation conflicts with existing public records law.

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One of the key questions about the amendment whether the right to have information withheld is automatic or if victims have to request the protection. The Tallahassee Democrat reported that the two main law-enforcement agencies in the state capital are responding differently to that question.

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Sometimes suspects give a false name and an arrest warrnt may be issued for the person who was unfortunate enough to have someone steal their identity. Notices to Appear are frequently issued for misdemeanor drug charges or shoplifting. Another warrant can be issued after police refer a case to a local prosecutor.

In Florida, local prosecutors are called State Attorneys. Sometimes an Assistant State Attorney or investigating law enforcement officer will request a Judge to issue an arrest warrant.

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In any event, some warrants have a cash bond amount set and upon posting the bond the warrant can be recalled. Other warrants will require the suspect to turn themselves in to the county jail. Failure to turn in or upon being caught out-of-county or out-of-state the person will be held or transported to appear before a judge in court. Some warrants call for an arrest on out of county, out of state, or federal, or international warrants. These cases may require help with extradition. Some suspects, with the assistance of Counsel, choose to turn themselves in in open court. Some County and Circuit judges will immediately consider the issue of bond and may look favorably upon those who voluntarily appear versus those who are arrested by law enforcement and then hauled in to the system.

Once the issue of bond is addressed and the person is released, the warrant will disappear.