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Have you ever received a call from an unrecognized number? A reverse phone number lookup service is really popular. It is actually a kind of technology which enables a person to lookup information on another person based on his phone number. This service is often referred to as reverse number lookup as well. There are numerous reasons why people lookup information on others from their phone numbers.

Some reasons include catching prank callers, trying to find out who your spouse speaks to in your absence, protecting your kids from sex offenders, avoiding calls from telemarketers, confirming addresses of friends and relatives and so on. There are a lot of reverse phone number lookup services available on the internet and about 65 percent of them promise you free service with immediate results. But if you rely simply on the free services, you probably may not find the information you need.

The reason is that if the number you are trying to trace arises from a cell phone or an unlisted record, you will get zero results from your search. This is due to the fact that these numbers are not considered public domain information and hence not readily available to you for free, unlike public domain land line information. Reverse Phone Detective is a new technology solution in the telecommunication services. This is possible to do because whenever a person uses any kind of electronic communication device; there will always be some sort of identifying character record left behind, whether the person uses a landline number, an unlisted number, a cell phone number or even the internet.

These records are usually collected from public information, data brokers, and other confidential sources. For people who live in the United States, reverse phone detective allows you to detect the origin of a number anywhere in the United States because it uses a large database which is regularly updated.

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With the emergence of reverse phone detectives, the advancement of technology has paved way for the usage of the internet for phone number look ups. Resorting to phone detectives in cases of phone number lookups and getting deep facts about owners of particular phone numbers can be backed up with the following reasons:. You might wait for weeks, months, yet no results. When the findings come out at last, they might not even be useful anymore to you especially if you are tracing threatening calls that demand urgent attention.

If the exact information you are looking for is not with reverse phone detective, they help you to make sure you get your desired result in the nearest possible time. Other information you can get include past and current employer, members of the household, possible neighbors and relatives, phone company and carrier, previous addresses or residences, and his or her other phone numbers. With the help of reverse phone detective it is extremely easy to look up a phone number. All that you will need to do is to follow the self explanatory and easy to follow instructions and you will have the answer.

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Do you want search cell phone numbers? Do you have a phone number you want information on, but want to make sure that the reverse phone detective actually has that information before you purchase a membership? No problem, just go to their website and enter the number in question. Until just a few years ago there was no reverse phone number lookup directories so the only way regular people had to trace the phone number to its owner was to hire a private detective.

Private detectives were then able to either bribe a phone company employee to get information needed or used to call in favors from friends and acquaintances working there. Police naturally, always had complete access to this sort of information. However, these days searching for information about even the regular land line phones has become quite difficult as more and more people have their phone number kept private and out of phone number directories.

But the real challenge is tracing cell phones. Obtaining information about cell phone numbers is particularly difficult because cell phone number databases are controlled and closely guarded by service providers. However thanks to the services like reverse phone number lookup it is no longer impossible to find information about cell phone numbers, even unlisted pre-paid ones.

For a small fee, you can have access to the whole year of unlimited access to huge reverse phone number lookup databases along with unlimited searches, and with the best directories it will also include criminal records search, employment information and a ton of other info that you simply can not find anywhere else.

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There are simply millions of reasons why we need it, for example, a lot of people are harassed each day with prank calls. By using reverse phone number lookup stopping these calls is a walk in the park. Some of these calls can be nothing more then a couple of bored teenagers having a bit of fun, but prank calls can also be a sign of something much more sinister.

I think my husband is cheating on me. He has a cell phone which has been provided to him from this office. So I have no access to his phone as an owner. Is there any spy software which will work based on the phone number? As he keeps his cell phone with him all the time, yes even he goes to restroom in house!!! That makes me suspecious.

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So any help on how to track his activity will highly be appreciated. Please email me your response as I might not be able to check your response on your website due to him using my computer.

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Hey hi shrit. Myself Gaurav. I hve lots of intrest in hacking. So would u tell me How can i unlock the passwords…? And I also wnt 2 to trace some mobile numbers. Can u help me…? You need to first install any of the above mentioned spy softwares on his phone. Once this is done you can start spying…. Thanks for this great info.

Hope more people will learn how to find the best service for them regardless of their location. I am extremely impressed together with your writing skills and also with the layout in your weblog. Is this a paid topic or did you modify it your self? There is a strange cell phone number that shows to belong to my boyfriend by some reverse lookups and others show it to belong to Cisco systems computer company in Austin tx and I would be so grateful if u could help me determine what it truly is and why it shows to belong to him.

Thank u. Superb blog! Do you have any recommendations for aspiring writers? Zlookup is the only internet company, othen than NumLookup that also offers free Reverse Phone Lookup , that allows people across the world to freely and accurately lookup phone owners in under a minute.

Most other services either do not report accurate information or are just not free.


If you are wondering how we are able to offer free reverse lookup service - know that we are not here to make money. Our goal is to minimize phone abuse and enable people to find out who called them.

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We were frustrated by getting random calls and never being able to find out who the caller was. We wanted to build a product that allow people to enter a phone number, any phone number, and be able to locate the phone's true owner. We set out to solve a problem and not to create another app that could be monetized. We believe Zlookup will create more transparency and accountability around mobile and fixed phones and will hold people accountable for their communication related actions.

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