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The forms will be transmitted to the appointing authority in the county issuing the warrant within 24 hours of the request being made. Definitions, as used in this rule:. Such income shall include: take-home wages and salary gross income earned minus those deductions required by law or as a condition of employment ; net self-employment income gross income minus business expenses, and those deductions required by law or as a condition of operating the business ; regular payments from a governmental income maintenance program, alimony, child support, public or private pensions, or annuities; and income from dividends, interest, rents, royalties, or periodic receipts from estates or trusts.

Seasonal or temporary income shall be considered on an annualized basis, averaged together with periods in which the accused has no income or lesser income. Eligibility for Appointment. An accused is presumed indigent if any of the following conditions or factors are present:. The accused is currently serving a sentence in a correctional institution, is currently residing in a public mental health facility, or is subject to a proceeding in which admission or commitment to such a mental health facility is sought.

In considering if obtaining private counsel will create a substantial hardship, the appointing authority shall take into account:. Factors NOT to be considered in determining indigence:. The resources available to friends or relatives of the accused may not be considered in determining whether the accused is indigent.

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Only the accused's financial circumstances as measured by the financial standards stated in this rule shall be used as the basis for determining indigence. Indigence Proceedings:. Information gathered for determining indigence, both in the affidavit of indigence and through oral examination, may not be for any purpose other than:.

Determining if accused is or is not indigent; or. The presumption can be rebutted in the review proceedings based on the following:. If an accused previously determined to be indigent is subsequently determined not to be indigent, the attorney shall be compensated by the county according to the fee schedule for hours reasonably expended on the case.

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If the court determines that a defendant has financial resources that enable him to offset in part or in whole the costs of the legal services provided, including any expenses and costs, the court shall order the defendant to pay during the pendency of the charges or, if convicted, as court costs the amount that it finds the defendant is able to pay. Have a license to practice law in the State of Texas. Only attorneys who volunteer shall be considered for appointment to represent indigent. January 1St and July 1st of each year. Applications for inclusion on the list must be filed with the.

Counsel Coordinator for Smith County at least forty-five 45 days prior to the beginning of a. The following standards are designed to provide for a systematic method ofproviding qualified. These standards address principles of eligibility and.

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The following standards shall be applied to attorney certification under any part of these. The attorney shall be familiar with the practice and procedure of the criminal courts. Practice before a juvenile court shall be considered. Pro bono service. If the Court appoints co-counsel for any offense, it shall be at the discretion of the. This requirement is in. A failure to present the affidavit.

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The qualifications for appointment as Qualified counsel are those established by the. Attorneys who do not meet the qualifications for appointment may volunteer to serve as. Second Chair counsel. Second Chair counsel may volunteer to assist Qualified attorneys in order. Second Chair attorneys may perform.

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The Courts will make. To be. Such applying attorneys must certify in their application that they. Administrative Judicial Region, and Texas statute. Second Chair counsel shall be appointed in. Appointed attorneys who fall to promptly and professionally follow all of the rules and. Criminal Courts Board and may forfeit all or part of their compensation for ser-vices as determined. Removed attorneys may reapply for approval after the expiration of one year from. Complaints made against appointed attorneys will be referred to the Counsel.

Coordinator for investigation. All complaints will be reviewed periodically and an appointed. Before any type of removal from the Qualified attorneys list, the attorney must receive written. Such hearing will be. In order to serve as lead counsel in a capital offense where the State of Texas is seeking a.

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An uncontested divorce in Smith County is specific due to the multiple county forms, unique court requirements, county rules for divorce mediation, and filing with the court system. To get approval of your court papers, you should fill them out correctly. The quality of such help is also very vague. We suggest an alternative cost-efficient and easy way of completing your county divorce documents.

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Besides, if you still need to resolve some difficult issues, you may as well use the divorce mediation in Smith County. You will not pay extra money or wait for days and weeks until your forms are completed. The earlier you order the needed papers and pay the processing fee, the sooner you get them ready in an available PDF-format to download from your personal divorce account. You can find a comprehensive guide on how to get a divorce in Smith County on our website.

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If you have any questions regarding the process, we will be pleased to help you. Divorce Courts in Smith County, Texas. Kansas Court Records and other Resources Links to state and local court records, general Kansas court information, directory of courts, and online resources for courts in Kansas. Smith County Census Information Summary Smith County statistics for population, ethnicity, housing, geography and businesses. Property Search Search Smith County property appraisal records by account number, address or name.

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Government Jobs Search Kansas civil service jobs by agency, county, job title or posting type. Government Jobs View Smith County government and non-government job openings. Sex Offender Registry Search Kansas Bureau of Investigation registered offenders by name, address, zip code or county. Department Directory View Smith County department directory.

Cemeteries View list of Smith County cemeteries. Genealogy Research View Smith County information about genealogy research such as cemetery records, deeds and maps. Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce Records View information about obtaining Kansas birth, death, marriage and divorce records including record application forms.