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Most rootsweb pages can still be accessed via google. I cannot commend Rootsweb enough, and I really miss the opportunities it provided. If Ancestry continues its withdrawal, please provide a similar service. Genealogical research used to be a toy of the idle rich. Somebody, or some Big Corporation, seems to want to return it to that status and take it out of the hands of the peasants who have no need to know who their great-grandparents were.

First they destroyed the usefulness of Genforum, then they messed up Findagrave. The longer you take, the more cynical I become. I agree. And the site needs to be returned and not charge us for access ASAP please. This is the only way those of us on fixed incomes can share our knowledge of family history with others. WorldGenWeb Project covers the world. It is the least we can do for our visitors.

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We need this back ASAP. If not a credit should be issues to all accounts. Sometimes Rootsweb is the only way we have to find people since your team hosed the search system a few years back. You never have made an attempt to improve that so have little faith about rootsweb.

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I do not use Rootweb very often. However, I started researching my tree using Root Web. Then as I was able to buy Ancestry.

Com; I using them. There are still use for Root Web that my ancestors put on. Sp every so often I refer back to RootWeb. Please keep this free site active. After getting my DNA results, and hearing the results of my wife and my niece, I am of the opinion that DNA is more informative for the female side of the family. MY Mothers side was a Swedish grandfather and English grandmother.

She had no Italian even though her fathers side was Italian less than 1 quarter. In the current hacker atmosphere involving politics and businesses I suppose it is understandable, but come on guys!

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RootsWeb is down and Ancestry. We anticipate having a solution soon. We apologize for the inconvenience. If it took me weeks to fix a tech issue and my work I would be out of a job in short order. I now have no way of uploading any genealogy information. After reading pages of complaints about Ancestry. God bless,. There used to be no problem uploading larger files than 75mb.

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It was only a few months ago I began to get the message. It is hard to believe that file size could be an issue for a company as large as yours that lives on data. By excluding large gedcom files you are depriving your members access to many many years of valuable research. Why has this been an issue for so many months with no resolution or any contact from customer support or the tech department? Support to your subscribers seems to be lacking. I am based in England and have a family tree on Worldconnect that I cannot access at all since Rootsweb has been offline.

I rely on Rootsweb to access data on other family trees. This is a complete disaster for many of us.

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Nobody is happy about this and I do believe it just sticks another nail in the already damaged reputation of Ancestry. I will say this. I have to agree with what you said. Anyway, I believe we are could be related. Contact me and we will see. I have used Rootsweb for over 15 years with my entire family tree posted to search with other family members and the hope that some day when my great grandchildren finally become interested in who or where their family came from, they will be able to locate the records I have worked so hard to find.