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Chapter Four starts with Conor unlocking the door between their rooms and waltzing in, his excuse?

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Filming begins! Diana is playing a princess who must use white magic to save her family from a curse by a witch. For reals. The unicorn stood by the edge of the forest. The white horn rose, as in legend, from his forehead, his noble head lifted as the gold light of the dying sun flashed on his white flanks. The unicorn was released, and Diana looked up to see it stepping out of the trees, its horn piercing the gold sky. Slowly she moved towards it, embraced its strong white neck.

This guy only speaks in exclamation points! Also — hairy hands, blazing eyes and sweaty eyelids — what a catch! Diana is worried that Conor is only physically attracted to her whereas she has all the feelings. Diana and her acting coach Geoff are hanging out when Geoff decides to go in for a kiss.

Forbidden Passion by Sarah Holland: A Guest Rant by LJ - Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

Diana escapes back to her room where Eleanor reveals she saw the whole thing and calls her a tramp. Later, while filming a scene, Conor says that he saw everything too. Also Conor is wearing a black evening suit to direct which seems fairly odd to me but at this point, meh. They fight a bit more. Then they kiss and Eleanor enters the scene to call Diana a whore, trollop, tramp and then wanton trollop in that order. Production company owner Georgina also appears wearing a magnificent scarlet dress — why is the crew all dressed up for the filming of the scene as well as the cast? Eleanor slaps Diana, Diana faints and fade to black.

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The dramaz!! Diana wakes up and feels the need monologue her backstory to Conor who, for the first time ever, decides not to argue and just to shut up and listen.

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Once there, Eleanor booked them tickets on the QE2 and they cruised the world for a while. As for the hair colour:. Hold your head over a sink and pour a bottle of household bleach over it? Anyway, Conor picks this moment to be slightly more human and tells Diana that Eleanor has been a super massive bitch and that Diana should be able to do what she wants. Conor lets her go and leaves the room. Diana stands on her balcony and muses. Introspection, single tear sliding down her cheek, introspection, angry introspection, more tears.

Diana goes outside to find Production Company Owner Georgina riding a horse is there absolutely no shooting of the film happening at all around here? He moved towards her, magnificently sexy in blue jeans, a white shirt and a black silk unbuttoned waistcoat. How could I have forced myself on you in those circumstances? And then Diana goes for a walk with Acting Coach Geoff.

He says the kiss was just an impulse thing. A sunny day, a pretty girl…. That sounds fair enough. But now Geoff is asking Diana to dinner:. Diana breathed thickly, rooted to the spot, as mesmerised by the beautiful black-haired witch as everyone else in the room was, all staring in silence as Talia danced like Salome for Conor Slade: her warrior king, her Herod…her lover.

What a romantic Diana then realises that she does love him and has loved him all along What?! Conor leaves, Diana is given another opportunity for tearful musing. The next day, they head off on location to film a scene. Conor and Diana are unpleasant to each other.

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Diana is pining and Conor is dickish. Talia does a bit of eastern-European vamping. Conor gives Diana an ultimatum: If she cancels her dinner plans with Acting Coach Geoff, Conor will leave her alone for good; but if she goes out with Geoff, she has to sleep with Conor. Again, solid logic. Diana ignores him and she and Geoff arrive at a restaurant 30km away from the chateau only to find that Conor and Talia are at the same restaurant. They have dinner, return to the chateau and then Geoff tries to rape Diana in her bedroom. She grimaced, compassion for poor Geoff filling her.

How awful that she should have felt repelled by his kiss. Which makes no sense given that she is lying on his bed Conor reveals that he had told Geoff about the restaurant, which was why they all ended up there. Two people in evening dress across the lawn.

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They were lovers in love, kissing, their bodies clinging together as Diana watched in an agony of pain. And wow, the dramas, they are here in spades. My parents had married her off in order to seal a business deal, and she never forgave them because I think her husband was vicious to her. Now that Eleanor has fallen in love with James, she feels terrible for hating Allannah and Diana and has to apologise.

Fortunately Diana the Doormat is OK with this. You were always there for me, even though I knew you hated me. Enjoy the views, the wine and the peaceful and quiet that surrounds you. Simonsberg makes the perfect backdrop to this world-class escape from the world.

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