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Parents of James Yates - who provided killer Sean Mercer with the gun he used to kill Rhys Jones - were jailed for covering up for their criminal son. Marie was sentenced to 18 months in prison in April and Francis, known as Frank, received four and a half years.

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On a police recording bug, planted in the home of the Yates family, Francis and Marie Yates were heard destroying evidence and planning to help their son. Around 15 minutes later, Marie Yates burned a mobile phone SIM card that could have connected James to the Croxteth Crew after a police search of their house missed it. I want to burn it.

‘I Got 5 On It’ – the killer tracks we’ll forever associate with horror movies

Here you are [sound of lighter striking]. It stinks that [as it burns]. Turn it around.

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Makes no difference whether they [the police] find it or not now. They would never be able to trace it. The cousin of a murderer concealed a bag of clothing worn by the killer, after he fatally stabbed a teenager. Steven Wood hid the bag of clothing worn by Anthony Wood, who had been involved in the fatal stabbing of St Helens teenager Jordan Campbell. The defendant denied attempting to pervert the course of justice by hiding the incriminating evidence but a jury at Liverpool Crown Court unanimously found him guilty.

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Daniel Wiltshire and Ruben Hoather had earlier in the year pleaded guilty to murdering the teenager. The body of year-old Jordan Campbell, who had been stabbed in the back, was found inside the building. In a bid to conceal the crime his cousin had been involved in, Steven Wood left the clothes his cousin had been wearing during the murder, with his neighbour Leanne Brereton after making up a story about having a row with his mother. When officers at a later date searched the address, they found a knotted black bin bag in the garage. Inside were two further bin bags and inside the third bag police found a black and white Supply and Demand T shirt, black and blue Adidas tracksuit pants and orange boxer shorts.

There was no DNA match between the bags and the three killers, she said but when the bags were tested for finger or palm prints there was a match with Steven Wood.

Elliot Quy helped cover up the crime of his murderer brother Mitchell Quy - who killed and dismembered his wife's body. The year-old was called upon to help his eldest brother - who the day before had strangled his wife and mum of his two children, Lynsey Quy, to death. The calculating murderer killed his wife downstairs, in their Southport home, as their two young children slept upstairs.

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The day after he strangled her to death, in December , he approached his brother Elliot for help. The bodies, meanwhile, kept piling up, and Sheriff Edwards continued to make little headway in a case that soon attracted national media attention. The problem, at least at first, was that most of the victims were found in states of such extreme decomposition that forensic evidence was all but absent, and the cause of death was hard to discern.

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Furthermore, though the women were all acquaintances, and some had feared for their safety shortly before their demise, no concrete reason for their murders could be deduced. Facts are few but hearsay is plentiful in Murder in the Bayou , which casts intense doubt on the official version of events, and suspicion on Richard and his cop pals, through voluminous eyewitness accounts and speculation.

The effect is simultaneously intriguing and frustrating, since it makes one think that something deeply fishy was going on in Jennings, and yet leaves one wondering if all these ideas are just fanciful conspiracy theories designed to fill a vacuum created by a dearth of concrete answers. Murder in the Bayou is guided by the question of whether the Jeff Davis 8 fell prey to one man or multiple, interrelated perpetrators who may have simply been copycatting each other, since decomposition did a great job of destroying evidence.

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What makes a serial killer?

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