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So here's the explanation. Since the mother was a Skarmory, the baby will be a Skarmory as well. With me so far? By now you automatically know what the baby will be and what attacks it knows. With this knowledge, you can choose the right Pokemon and moves for a successful egg. Once you have the mother and father chosen, take them down to the Day-Care Center and speak with the old couple inside. Give one Pokemon to each of them and exit the house. Eventually, if the two Pokemon are compatible, an egg will be produced.

The time it takes to get an egg varies.

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However, some certain combinations concerning Pokemon pairings and Trainer ID Numbers will affect this time. Earlier, it was believed that sometimes you simply would not get an egg. This is not true. If two Pokemon are compatible, they WILL eventually give an egg - it might take a long time, but they will. The number of steps you have to take in order for your Pokemon to produce an egg is fairly random.

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Check back at the Day-Care Center every steps to check if an egg is there. If it is, speak with the old man standing in the backyard.

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I'd certainly recommend the latter. When your Pokemon do have an egg, the man will ask you if you want to keep it. Say "Yes". If you say no, the egg is lost, and you don't have another opportunity to get that egg back.

You could breed again for another egg, though. The egg itself is totally free, but you will have to pay for your two Pokemon's stay at the Center.

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With every step you took since you gave the old couple your Pokemon to take care of, your Pokemon earn 1 experience point. Now that you have your egg, it's time to figure out how long it will take for the egg to hatch.


The number of steps it will take depends on the Pokemon inside of the egg. After all that planning, waiting, and walking, your egg has finally hatched! You now have a brand new baby level 5 Pokemon. You also know how to use one of the best new features of Gold, Silver and Crystal. Have fun with it.

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Mokoko [13]. Denryu [24]. Mega Denryu [24]. Kireihana [20]. Maril [25]. Fairy [nb 4].

List of generation II Pokémon

Marilli [14]. Usokkie [22]. Nyorotono [13]. Hanecco [22].

Pokémon Silver (GBC) - Jotho Longplay

Popocco [13]. Watacco [13]. Eipam [10]. Ambipom Himanuts [13]. Kimawari [30]. Yanyanma [13]. Yanmega Upah [20]. Nuoh [13]. Eifie [31]. Espeon shares its category name with Sunflora and Volcarona. Blacky [31].

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Yamikarasu [13]. Honchkrow Yadoking [22]. Muma [14]. Mismagius Unknown [32]. Sonans [33]. When you see a Wobbuffet, the blue body isn't actually its real body. The black tail that it likes to keep hidden may be the actual body. Kirinriki [13]. Kunugidama [13]. Foretos [13]. Nokocchi [13]. Design inspired by the mythical Japanese creature Tsuchinoko [34]. Gliger [31].

Gliscor Haganeil [7]. Under immense pressure underground, an Onix is said to have its rock-like body compressed into diamonds and evolve into Steelix. In a paper published by the University of Leicester , physicists calculated the plausibility of Onix evolving into Steelix through the stated lore. It would require pressures of 4. Mega Haganeil [7].

Pokemon Gold and Silver GameShark Codes.

Bulu [13]. Granbulu [13]. Harysen [13]. It attacks by sucking in water and shooting its spikes out with it. Qwilfish is based on Porcupinefishes. Hassam [20]. Mega Hassam [24]. Tsubotsubo [13]. Heracros [9]. Mega Heracros [24]. Nyula [13]. Weavile Design inspired by the mythical Japanese creature Kamaitachi [34]. Himeguma [20]. Ringuma [9]. Magmag [13]. Magcargot [13]. Urimoo [13]. Inomoo [13]. Sunnygo [13].