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Office of Medical Marijuana Use Physicians. New Campaigns Measles Microblading. All Campaigns. Question: What happens to the ability to add a percentage tax to prices and bookings on the site? Will that be taken away, as has been reported by other owners on this forum? So then what? How will I collect, receive and remit the local Tourist Development Taxes that I must charge for my local county? Are you going to take away my ability to add a percentage for this sales tax at the same time that you now start charging the State sales tax "on my behalf"?

Answer: Beginning December 1, , your tax settings will be updated to reflect which taxes HomeAway collects and remits in Florida and which taxes will be sent to you to remit.

Question: HomeAway, do you understand that it is against the law to include taxes in the sales price in Florida? Answer: HomeAway does not include taxes in the sales price. You will not need to add additional taxes or adjust your prices to account for taxes that are your responsibility to remit. Response: You will not need to add additional taxes or raise your prices to account for those taxes.

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Question: Will VRBO be changing the tax settings so the Florida state tax will also be reflected and collected in traveler's total? Answer: Yes. There will be no additional field to enter another tax item manually. Please refer to the tax help pages to see where HomeAway is collecting and remitting. Question: My understanding from above is that my tax rate of What happens on cancellation that happens before second payment if I don't refund the deposit? They paid full taxes on a reservation that's no longer happening and the amount collected no longer matches the tax charged.

And this one for the tax people: 12A This The full This payment to the partner will be sent along with regularly scheduled payouts of rent. In the case of cancellations, for the taxes that HA collects and remits, HA will refund the applicable taxes to the traveler.

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Please check the reporting requirements for your specific jurisdictions or consult your tax professional for additional guidance on how to treat the taxability of cancellation fees. Response: Although HA will not be submitting a breakout of tax amounts by property with each monthly submission, HA will be retaining this information internally in the case of any future inquiry and is required to do so. HomeAway has agreed to assume liability for any failure to report, collect, and or remit the correct amount of tax, including any penalties and interest for transactions that are booked and paid on the HomeAway platform beginning December 1, The Partner is no longer responsible for the state administered taxes on transactions that are booked and paid on the HomeAway platform and will not be held accountable if HomeAway collects the wrong amount of tax or fails to collect the tax.

You are still responsible for all taxes for transactions that are not booked and paid through the HomeAway platform. In addition, you can see through the following channels what amounts are being collected and remitted by HomeAway as well as amounts we collect and send to you for remittance:. Comment: That last point is very true. From the Florida sales tax rules: 2. Even though a written agreement exists between the agent, representative, or management company and the property owner, the property owner remains responsible for the tax obligation in the event the agent, representative, or management company fails to collect or remit the tax due to the proper taxing authority and the taxing authority is unable to collect the applicable tax from the agent, representative, or management company.

In this case, HA is officially agreeing to be what it has actually been for several years: the booking agent.

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They are responsible now for collecting and remitting the taxes for the state. However, if they fail to do their job right, the owners are on the hook. Some confirmations and follow up questions please. Answer: Owners remain responsible for the collection and remittance of Lodging Tax where alternate payments are enabled. Therefore, if you have alternate payments enabled, HomeAway will continue to pass through all lodging taxes to the owner based on the rate that is entered in their tax settings.

No taxes will be returned if there is a partial refund. Is this true???? Answer: HomeAway automatically refunds tax it has collected if a reservation is fully cancelled i. For any tax that is sent to the partner for remittance, the partner remains responsible for issuing partial refunds of that tax when necessary. My understanding from above is that my tax rate of When will the report be available? In HA model when is the tax paid?

At the time of booking, Prior to check in or post stay? We want to acknowledge that we've seen your new questions and are working on responses. Thank you. Tomorrow's the day. I've taken my listings offline for the next 12 hours or so to see what happens with the tax settings overnight.

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I ran a test of my rates and the correct taxes were included, so we're back in business! Still need the answers to those questions related to cancellations and how I get the taxes for county TDT, but I turned my listing back on while I wait on those. I was told that this additional county tax would continue to be collected by HomeAway and remitted by me. That is not what the system is doing!

For your particular listing, contact CS and maybe take your listing offline until it's correct, since their mistake is going to be your financial problem until it's corrected. I just randomly picked a Nassau Cty home and found an This gives me even more concern.

It's never been I just got word from my Premier Partner contact that the county taxes are now being collected. I logged in to confirm and it looks like the problem has been corrected. Thank you for providing more guidance. I checked my listing and the taxes are not being calculated correctly. It only reflects the taxes paid to the state and not the taxes paid locally.

I can't find a way to get that amount calculated with your new system. It was quite easy before Dec. Does anyone know how to get this problem corrected? I am temporarily hiding my listings until the kinks get worked out.