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Congratulations on taking the first step in taking care of yourself! As we become better acquainted, it is my hope to assist you in achieving your own personal goals while fostering greater fulfillment and helping you to become further engaged in your life. In building a strong sense of self worth you can find compassion for your own experiences as well as others; ultimately increasing Interpersonal Effectiveness and decreasing Addictive Behaviors, Anxiety, Depression and the effects that can follow any Traumatic Experience including Grief.

Anne E. Jackson, Ph.

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Psychologist, PhD, LP. I work with children, parents of children, adolescents, adults and older adults. Adult psychotherapy clients who work best with me are usually looking for lasting solutions to emotional problems rather than advice, "tools" or quick fixes and they can tolerate a listening approach designed to deepen discussion. They understand that the unacknowledged thoughts and feelings that create havoc can emerge in therapy, and they are looking for a professional to help them understand and work through difficult moments.

I integrate complementary methodologies and techniques to offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each client. With compassion and understanding, I work with each individual to help them build on their strengths and attain the personal growth they are committed to accomplishing. I feel honored working with clients who seek mental health treatment. I serve adults, adolescents, and children, with proficiency in various treatment modalities including, but not limited to, individual, group, family and child therapy. I utilize active listening, validation, empathy, and unconditional positive regard.

My work is focussed, goal directed, purpose and problem centered, offering support, warmth, caring, and deep regard for clients' rights and potentials for change. Araceli Salazar Psychologist , PsyD.

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My belief is that people heal, grow, and thrive within supportive and safe relationships. My practice succeeds because I integrate the latest research findings, implement evidence-based interventions, and work in a committed, compassionate and collaborative way with my clients. I have specialized training in working with abuse and trauma issues for children and adults. I also specialize in work with children experiencing behavioral and emotional difficulties such as acting out or anxiety.

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Some changes we go through are small, some are more of the "crisis" variety. It is my belief that we all have the potential for positive growth in response to life's challenges. Whether you are looking for individual, couple, or family treatment for yourself or a loved one, you can expect a safe, supportive, and positive enviroment to assist you in acheiving your theraputic goals. I have worked in the mental health field for over 31 years, primarily working with people suffering from depression, anxiety and relationship issues.

I've Studied both western and eastern psychology, with an emphasis on cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, buddhist psychology, Jungian psychology, and other Western and Eastern modalities. I Strive to express the utmost respect, compassion and empathy for my clients as they they work through issues.

My approach is personal, nonjudgmental, positive with an emphasis on reducing suffering and enhancing personal happiness. Leonard Felder Psychologist , PhD. I don't work with children but I love helping adults, couples and seniors.

For more info on my approach, visit www. Life sometimes brings difficulties, hurts, or trauma that can overwhelm us. I provide a warm, accepting, and gentle approach to helping people grow, heal, and hope again.

I work with individuals to discover new ways of thinking, gain new perspectives, and learn skills to overcome anxiety, depression, and emotional pain. Sometimes we need to be heard and believed. Other times we need direction, and relief from distress or anguish. There is good news! There is hope! You can get better; and I am here to walk with you through this journey of healing.

Are you afraid of being fat or worried about your weight? Does your weight determine your mood?

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Do you count calories, exercise to burn calories, or purge after you eat? Do you eat when you're upset or does food give you comfort? Do you feel controlled by food? If you are feeling controlled by thoughts, fears, and worries about food, weight, and appearance, you might feel frustrated, depressed, anxious, confused, and lonely.

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I provide special counseling services to help you understand why you are thinking and feeling this way I especially enjoy working with adolescents, young adults 20's and 30's and couples. I also have a strong background of working with clients with substance abuse problems and with EAP programs.

Family situations? Taking the time, and making that huge step, to seek help can be the difference in managing the seemingly unmanageable. I will help you improve communication, resolve conflicts in healthy ways, increase healthy coping skills, and teach you how to reduce thoughts and emotions that are contributing to depressive and anxiety symptoms. I work with individuals with a variety of mental health issues and help coach and guide utilizing Mindfulness-based practices to help decrease stress and promote happiness.

Monica Weil Psychologist , PsyD.

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It may be necessary to assist you with your eating disorders, addictive disorders, sexual dysfunction and trauma before you can find your purpose. Often times a family or couple may need to be treated together. We can discuss this when you call. There is hope, joy and meaning for you. Please feel free to call me for a free telephone consultation. They come to me for clarity, direction and tools to move beyond old patterns and take action to achieve a greater sense of freedom, fulfillment and authenticity.

Seeking counseling can be difficult and it is often hard to take the first step. I offer a safe and supportive environment to work with you on making the changes to improve your life. She was an amazing mom, wife, grandma, aunt, neighbor, and friend. A native of Livermore, Marilyn graduated from Livermore High School in , and maintained lifelong friendships with many of her high school friends. Shortly after graduating, she married Ralph Vargas.

Their son Karl was born shortly thereafter.

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Five years after losing Ralph, she reconnected with an old friend who had returned from the service — that friend was Robert Athenour of Sunol. They married shortly thereafter in They bought their first home together in Pleasanton and lived there for more than 60 years. Lots of great memories were made in that home! Daniel Francis Brown Nov. He was 89 years young. Dan was aware that he had completed all that was required of him on earth. He was in no pain, and just before he passed, Dan opened his eyes and saw that his immediate family was with him, namely his sisters and brother-in-law, Kathleen, Margaret and Wayne,.

Having visited with his family and countless AA buddies over the previous several days, Dan left believing in his higher power and that he would again be with those who had passed before him, especially ToriLynn Lithgow and Alicia Morales his step-daughter and grand-step daughter.

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